What’s in the Box?

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What’s in the Box?

When Dylan and Molly Richards discover an antique steamer trunk in their attic, they muse over where it came from and how it arrived. Their stories quickly turn into chivalrous adventures spanning the vast Sahara to a not-so-classic bank heist.

“What’s in the Box” was directed by Tory Nelson and worked on by a team of over 80 volunteers, including four professional actors from Chicago. To view the film in its entirety, visit Tory’s official site.


  • Official Selection
    2009 Orlando Film Festival
  • Official Selection
    2009 River’s Edge International Film Festival
  • Official Selection
    2009 Flint Film Festival
  • Official Selection
    2009 Colony Film Festival


Director: Tory Nelson
Producers: Tory Nelson and Jason Latino
Screenwriter: Jason Latino
Starring: John Stoops, Carolyn Jania, Logan Conner, and Rebecca Mauldin
Director of Photography: Matthew Freer
Composer: Cheryl Riggle
Costume Designer: Amber Freer
Sound and Music Recording and Mixing: Andrew Edmonds and Ryan Arent
Editors: Jordan Steele and Tory Nelson
Casting Director: Jenn Miller

© 2009 Forester Films
All Rights Reserved

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